New Vatican City
Vatican Vatican CoA
National Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Cristo risorge dalle ceneri.
National Anthem: Inno e Marcia Pontificale
Head of State Pope Juan XXIV

Head of Government

Capital New Vatican City, Mexico
Official language(s) Italian, Spanish.
Government Type Ecclesiastical, absolute, elective monarchical theocracy.
National Religion Roman Catholicism
Protectorate/Satellite(s) of United Mexican Empire
Area  N/A
Population N/A citizens
Currency Peso

 The New Vatican City State is a sub-region of the city of Tenochtitlan, United Mexican Empire. It is the successor state to the Italian city-state of the same name, after the Holy See relocated to the Americas following the outbreak of sickness. The invitation of asylum to the newly elected Pope Juan XXIV, conveniently the first Mexican cardinal to ever be elected Pope, was extended by the Provisional Government of the United States of Mexico. 

With Papal support, monarchists managed to overcome the Republican government, intertwining the New Vatican with the idea of the Mexican Empire's superiority and divine right.